A “Breakthrough” CALGARY EVENING

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A “Breakthrough” CALGARY EVENING

A monthly program to help “Good Businesses Breakthrough to Great!” As the former Vice-President of Sales & Marketing for Calgary’s own Big Rock Brewery business coach Oliver Baezner will share some of the strategies and tactics that he has used during his career to turnaround the sales and profitability of multi-million dollar corporations. He will also share the exact same tools that he uses with his current 1-on-1 coaching clients to help them develop the dream businesses that they always thought possible.

You will leave the evening transformed in how you look at and think about your business.

Normally you would pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars for the powerful information that Oliver and his team are going to share, however by clicking on the link below you will be able to attend one of our regular evenings at a very special price of only $49+GST (that’s $200 off the regular member price of $249).

Here is a sampling of some of the things that members learn and work on during their monthly meetings:

Tax Saving Strategies That Could Save You Thousands of Dollars
DISC / Master Mind Groups / Four Stages of Learning
Sigmoid Curve /Goal Setting / Mind Storming for Solutions
Business Metrics: KPI’s & KRA’s / Financial Statements 101
How to Prevent Legal Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Business
Creating & Using Dashboards
Creating a Strategic Plan / Defining Your Business / Brand Equity
Study Your Competition / Define Your Perfect Customer
10 P’s of Marketing / Power of Branding: Business & Personal
Get More Sales / Get More Customers /
Removing Your Constraints / The 7-Layer Dip
SEO / Cut Through the Social Media Clutter
Motivate Your Team / Appreciation in the Workplace
Hiring the Right Team / “Work–Life” Balance




LIMITED SEATING. Click on the link below to register now for this transformational evening.

What people are saying about Oliver Baezner:

“…I put in my projected 2009 annual sales figure as my target for the first quarter…I made my 2009 figures in the first quarter of 2010.  Do his methods work?……absolutely!

Wale Balogun, Financial Advisor

“Oliver, Thank-you for having a positive impact on the members of REIN through your presentation at “A-Life” Calgary.  You struck a chord with many!

Don R. Campbell, President, REIN (Real Estate Investment Network)

“Oliver helped me with the two most important challenges in running a business.  First, he helped me understand how to build, assess and motivate a high-performing team. I was able to apply many of the tools we discussed to my team – sometimes even the same day I learned them!

“Second, his counsel helped me stay focused on the larger, high-value strategic choices that impacted the business and not get dragged down into the day to day events that seem to take up so much time.

Jamie Vadori, General Manager, Wild Rose Brewery

“Oliver is a huge strength…his leadership and presence is amazing and he supports others moving forward and gets out of their way while helping them do it.

Patrick Dunn, Proprietor, InterCourse Chef Services

“I want to say a huge “THANK YOU” for the difference you have made in the lives of my husband Dele and I…your impact as our business coach has touched every area of our lives, causing us to find clarity and balance where previously we felt like we were on an endless treadmill, in essence, going nowhere. Fast.”

“Under your watchful eyes, we came from the brink of bankruptcy to a place of financial freedom, with significant increases in both of our incomes.  However, the best of it all has been the confidence and personal growth that we have both experienced as business owners, what a difference!”

Moji Ajele, Executive Director/Franchise Owner, BNI Southern Alberta


Helping Good Businesses Breakthrough to Great!

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