Our Approach

The Sonic Coaching approach is designed to provide you with help in four areas:

  • More Time/Balance
  • More effective Team – A Team you can Trust
  • More Profit
  • An Exit Strategy

The key to the Sonic Coaching approach is that it begins with placing a high value on listening – Oliver listens to you, and you learn to listen to your colleagues, clients, and staff.

Combining what he has learned as a successful business leader with his unique gifts, tools and processes, Oliver has developed a “breakthrough” approach rooted in what other business leaders know to be true….it all begins with listening.

“Up to 80% of where people get stuck is in the 5 inches between their ears,” says Oliver.  “They are limited because they don’t know what they don’t know, or they have fear holding them back.”

Oliver will listen to your goals, your challenges, and design the unique combination of tools, steps, and processes that will assist you in reaching those goals.