After spending just one hour with Oliver I knew that I was only brushing the surface of managing my business successfully. With the tips given to me I have already seen improvement in the way my time is managed. The changes to my schedule that he suggested have allowed me to focus my time on being an entrepreneur and putting time into marketing my business instead of wasting time on tasks that could be delegated.

I can confidently recommend Oliver Baezner as a solid expert in his field and will continue to use his services in the future.

Renee Hall, Owner, Raise Marketing


I wanted to say what a pleasure it was to sit down with for a one on one coaching session recently.  Your approach to big picture thinking and focussing on my individual talents as we continue to grow in our industry is key.

I have been very impressed with your follow up.  In seeing you work with friends of mine I have never seen someone who takes as good care of a referral…because of your powerful advice.  Thanks again!

Jason A. Keeling, CEO and President, Canada Move Brokers Inc.


Thank you so much Oliver.  Your Marketing Parthenon is fantastic.  I majored in Marketing in 1982 and now 28 years later, you have pointed out the differences in Marketing in 2010.  Thanks again!

Laurie Trembath, Consultant


Thanks so much for the great tips on the 30 second elevator pitch – I’ve been using your techniques and teaching them to my new colleagues.  Your session was probably one of the most productive mornings professionally for me.  Thank you.

Sandra Paetkau, Sales Consultant


“Hi Oliver, I have not applied all of your tools yet, but I have most certainly noticed a great deal of difference in myself and my business when I have taken your advice to talk to people about their budget (qualifying the customer) before the project. It has solved a problem that had previously caused me to spend too much time and effort chasing a loose end.  I thank you greatly for your advice.”

Jordan Dorozio, Owner, Dorozio Design


If you are a business owner similar to me, you are focused on growing your business and ensuring its longevity and success. Oliver helped me to capitalize on my strengths and REALLY analyze where there were both opportunities and the need for growth in my company. His years of experience and success IN business gives him the ability to be that external set of critical eyes that helped me figure out where to focus my time to get the best results.

Oliver guided me in the setting of specific and measureable goals and held me accountable to them. As a result, I clearly see what I should be focusing my time on, but probably more importantly what I SHOULDN’T be spending my time on! I understand how to pinpoint the needs of my clients better and am more effective at communicating to my clients the benefits that my services have to offer. Before working with Oliver I already had some fantastic skills and services to offer clients. After working with Oliver, I know how to effectively showcase to clients what we can offer them!

The bottom line is this: I couldn’t help but take action when working with Oliver that produced positive results in my company and THAT is really what it is all about!!

Sandy Fransham, Owner, Fransham Properties/Calgary Houses for Rent