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Appreciation is the PAY that everyone is looking for at work!

People desperately want to feel appreciated and valued in their jobs. Yet most people don’t feel appreciated. 65% of North Americans say they received no recognition or appreciation at their workplace in the past year, and 79% of employees who quit their jobs cite lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving. The value of appreciation in the workplace is improved relationships and job satisfaction, which translates into a happier and more productive workforce with lower absenteeism. However if done incorrectly it can actually demotivate the individuals on your team and have a negative effect on morale and results. Appreciation at work is the PAY that everyone is looking for in today’s work environment. With everyone doing more with less in today’s business world, this is the “Raise” that people are looking for and aren’t getting. Take your company’s culture to a new level of satisfaction by learning how to improve morale to higher levels previously not thought possible.