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Are You Fearless in Business?

Having worked with businesses and business owners for many years now, I have seen many of them struggle with fear. Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of rejection (especially when it comes to sales), and even fear of taking a step (fear of the unknown). We will be talking about the fears that hold people and companies back and what to do about them. Joining me on the show is millennial coach/facilitator Katheryn Plaza. Katheryn will be sharing how at a relatively young age she managed to land a job on a cruise ship, when many would have given up. We will also talk about how you can employ the exact same strategy to your personal and business success. If you struggle with indecision or find yourself regularly subconsciously or consciously holding yourself back, or worse sabotaging your success, you will want listen to this show. As part of the Sonic Coaching team Katheryn, and I have helped many business owners and leaders overcome their fears and will help you overcome yours.