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Ask The Coach!
Ask The Coach is a weekly podcast, our next episode is coming soon!

Are you ready to take your business to new heights? Do you feel like you are babysitting your team? Are you exhausted and don’t have enough time with your family? No matter what challenges your business faces, this show will help you implement a solution.

Join professional business coach Oliver Baezner as he addresses the most common issues in business today. With his panel of expert guests and by sharing his time-tested resources, you are guaranteed to find the right tools to help your company breakthrough to great!

Episode 1 – Work Life Balance

Is the way you’re working, really working?

We are more stressed than ever in today’s world. What is causing you to be stressed: lack of sleep, long work weeks, Technology, lack of diet and exercise?

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Episode 2- Start-Stop-Continue

Taking a step back and really being honest with yourself about where your business is, is a valuable way to spend your time.

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Episode 3 - Performance Reviews And Feedback

Performance Reviews are an important communication tool that you should be using in your business. They benefit both the Employer and the Employee; but what should a performance review consist of? How do you know if you are including the right things on their review?

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Episode 4 - What Makes YOU Different?

What sets you apart from your competition? Sure, you provide the same service but what should your customers know that makes you UNIQUE?

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Episode 5 - Goal Setting That Works

Goal setting- you hear about and have probably done it in the past, but it wasn’t effective. Why?

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Ask The Coach Archives

Improve Your Company's Communication

Effective communication is the key every human interaction. Whether it’s with your team, your clients, or even your friends and family. Yet companies usually spend very little time teaching their employees how to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

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Are You Fearless in Business?

Having worked with businesses and business owners for many years now, I have seen many of them struggle with fear. Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of rejection (especially when it comes to sales), and even fear of taking a step (fear of the unknown).

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The 6 Easiest Ways to Generate Leads

IBM Founder, Tom Watson Sr. said, ‘Nothing happens until a sale is made.’ Your business must consistently generate new leads to make ‘a sale’ and stay viable. Yet, as a business and executive coach I have seen many businesses struggle, because they didn’t have a systemized, consistent way to generate new business leads.

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Network Your Way to Success

In today’s world we are more connected than ever, yet with all the social networks and communication tools, we feel more disconnected than ever. Could it be that some of the “old school” strategies, like networking are still the solution not only to feel more connected, but to also grow our businesses today.

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Appreciation is the PAY that everyone is looking for at work

People desperately want to feel appreciated and valued in their jobs. Yet most people don’t feel appreciated. 65% of North Americans say they received no recognition or appreciation at their workplace in the past year, and 79% of employees who quit their jobs cite lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving.

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Are You an Excellent Leader?

Over the years, I have observed that great leaders exhibit five qualities of excellence, and they translate those qualities into building teams of excellence. The five qualities are Service, Integrity, Vision, Courage, and Competence. Often, we see groups of people, whether on a sports team or in business, who are working together, but are not really functioning as a team.

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Millennials? and the Multi-Generations?

Are Millennials really lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow? Or are they optimistic, accepting of differences, challenging the status quo, and financially responsible. We will be discussing not only Millennials, but also the multi-generations that are currently in the workforce.

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Delegate or Die!

Do you own your business, or does it feel like your business owns you? In this show Oliver will share how he guides clients back to feeling like they are in control of their businesses, with more time to do the things that matter.

WE PROMISE – You will find more time in your life than the time it took you to listen to this show.

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