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Millennials? and the Multi-Generations?

Are Millennials really lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow? Or are they optimistic, accepting of differences, challenging the status quo, and financially responsible. We will be discussing not only Millennials, but also the multi-generations that are currently in the workforce. If you’ve been wanting to understand your employees better, including what drives and motivates them, then don’t miss this show! Oliver will be interviewing Eleanor Culver, life-long career Human Resource Professional and founder of REALHR. Eleanor will not only share her recent research on the five different generations in the workplace, but will also share REAL experiences that she has had to deal with in companies and how you can avoid making the same mistakes. Eleanor will also be taking your calls during the show to answer your “generational” HR questions. WE PROMISE – You will understand how to deal with your generational teams better, so they are more motivated, productive and engaged.

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Real HR Generations at Work Reference Chart
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