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The 6 Easiest Ways to Generate Leads

IBM Founder, Tom Watson Sr. said, ‘Nothing happens until a sale is made.’ Your business must consistently generate new leads to make ‘a sale’ and stay viable. Yet, as a business and executive coach I have seen many businesses struggle, because they didn’t have a systemized, consistent way to generate new business leads. I have even seen large corporations with sales teams, where the team was not effective at generating new leads. So why is that? In this episode I will share the 6 easiest ways that I have found to generate new leads for your business. These 6 strategies are some of the same methods that I use to generate leads for my own business. I will also be talking about some strategies where I obtained leads, while being paid. WE PROMISE – You will absolutely generate new business by implementing some of the strategies that you learn on the show! In fact, you might even take your business’ sales to a whole new level.

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100 Lead Generation Strategies
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