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Are you Taking Care of Your Business?

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of being interviewed, along with Kurt Locke a tax partner that I know at Deloitte, on the “Taking Care of Business” show on the VOICEOFAMERICA internet live talk radio channel. Our host David Wallach asked us questions about everything from; how our childhoods molded us to be who we are today, to what motivated us to do what we do (our WHY), to what advice we would give a brand-new entrepreneur.  His weekly…


Failure is not an option; PERIOD!

No matter what statistic you read, the failure rate of new businesses is terrible.  I have seen the stats as high as 80% failure in the first five years and of the remaining 20%, another 80% fail in the second five years.  An accounting firm that works closely with newly incorporated businesses, show their stats as 75% failing in the first five years and then let’s say that of that 25% another 75% fail in the second five years; that’s…