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“Oliver is a huge strength… His leadership and presence is amazing and he supports others moving forward and gets out of their way, while helping them do it.”

“I put my projected annual sales figures as my target for the first quarter… I made my figures in the first quarter. Do his methods work?… Absolutely!”

“Thanks so much for the great tips on the 30 second elevator pitch – I’ve been using your techniques and teaching them to my new colleagues.  Your session was probably one of the most productive mornings professionally for me. Thank you.”

“If you are a business owner similar to me, you are focused on growing your business and ensuring its longevity and success. Oliver helped me to capitalize on my strengths and REALLY analyze where there were both opportunities and the need for growth in my company. His years of experience and success IN business gives him the ability to be that external set of critical eyes that helped me figure out where to focus my time to get the best results.

Oliver guided me in the setting of specific and measureable goals and held me accountable to them. As a result, I clearly see what I should be focusing my time on, but probably more importantly what I SHOULDN’T be spending my time on! I understand how to pinpoint the needs of my clients better and am more effective at communicating to my clients the benefits that my services have to offer. Before working with Oliver I already had some fantastic skills and services to offer clients. After working with Oliver, I know how to effectively showcase to clients what we can offer them!

The bottom line is this: I couldn’t help but take action when working with Oliver that produced positive results in my company and THAT is really what it is all about!!”

“Looking back over 3 years of coaching, I want to say a huge “THANK YOU” for the difference you have made in the lives of my husband Dele and I. Interestingly enough, your impact as our business coach has touched every area of our lives, causing us to find clarity and balance where previously we felt like we were on an endless treadmill, in essence, going nowhere. Fast.

Under your watchful eyes, we came from the brink of bankruptcy to a place of financial freedom, with significant increases in both of our incomes. However, the best of it all has been the confidence and personal growth that we have both experienced as business owners, what a difference! With your firm but gentle prodding, I developed the confidence to purchase the BNI Alberta South franchise and grow the region by over 400% in 3 years. I knew I could call upon you whenever I had a question, even outside of our coaching time, and I did, often!

I appreciate the amazing work you are doing, providing inspiring leadership to your clients and would heartily recommend you to business owners who want to accomplish measurable results as entrepreneurs. It has been a delight to work with you.”

“Oliver helped me with the two most important challenges in running a business. First, he helped me understand how to build, assess and motivate a high-performing team. I was able to apply many of the tools we discussed to my team – sometimes even the same day I learned them! The impact of the learning was significant, building robust lines of communication with my staff and a greater understanding of how each of them works best that continues today.

Second, his counsel helped me stay focused on the larger, high-value strategic choices that impacted the business and not get dragged down into the day to day events that seem to take up so much time.”