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We coach you and your team towards the Clarity, Confidence and Courage you need as a business leader to create change. By showing you how to define and align your culture and recruitment, we help you attract the right people. We focus on the three keys to effectiveness:

Manage Time
Focus Team
Accelerate Profitability

What is Sonic Coaching®?

“Sonic” refers to the speed of sound.

When a jet flies faster than the speed of sound, it produces an unmistakable “Sonic Boom” signifying that the breakthrough has occurred…the sound barrier has been broken. The jet is now “supersonic”.

Business leaders face a variety of barriers to achieving the next level of excellence and success.  Sonic Coaching® has a proven, successful approach and track record for helping business owners and leaders have the breakthrough “sonic” boom which takes their professional lives and businesses to that next level.

We help you towards creating a culture where every one of your employees is their own “CEO.” They are inspired – not just “motivated” or “engaged”, to bring their A game every day, and attain their own professional goals while helping the company achieve its business objectives.

Energizing and engaging employees is often attempted through external actions and rewards aimed at changing their behaviors and commitment.
They rarely succeed.
This is because we all function at our best when we are TRULY INSPIRED.

The Sonic “Breakthrough”

If you are seeking a breakthrough to the next level in your company and career, if you want to regain your sense of purpose and effective leadership, Sonic Coaching® is experienced and prepared to take you there.