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Executive Coaching

We help executives and business leaders regain altitude where they can work on the business at 50,000 feet. We have coached in over three dozen industries, and we bring best practices from one industry into another.  As your co-pilot, we see what is working, what is not working, and we ask the right questions to find YOUR solution.

Group or Team Coaching

We have been invited by executives and business owners to work with their entire teams, or a specific team such as the sales team. We understand how significant team dynamics are to taking a business to greater success and we have a range of tools and processes for improving teams.

Behavioral Assessments

We are certified to take you through a range of behavioral and psychological assessments which identify yours and your teams strengths and weaknesses and interpret the results to improve your business performance.

When employees understand how they are wired, and how their colleagues are wired, that knowledge can translate into more effective use of their strengths within a team.


We conduct a variety of workshops for executives, or for team managers and their teams.  Workshop titles include:

  • Creating a New Flight Plan
  • Culture Shift
  • Emotional Intelligence and Managing Conflict
  • Beyond Motivating to Inspiring


Whether you’re looking for just fun team building or strategy sessions, we can create a customized retreat to meet your needs. Your team will come back energized and inspired.

Our retreats allow teams to learn to communicate and interact at a deeper level. Often these can be “game changers” for shifting corporate culture and how people relate to each other.

Sales Coaching

Without sales there is no business…. PERIOD!

We coached an NHL hockey club’s sales team, during one of the team’s longest multi-season losing streaks. If a hockey team isn’t winning, they are tough to promote and sell. Yet we were still able to help them significantly increase their sales and profits.

We worked with a photographer to achieve their best year in 30 years of being in business:


In addition to coaching, we can offer consulting on marketing strategy, business development strategy, the sales process, HR, and team development.