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Half Day Workshop

3-hour workshop mix of learnings and experiential activities to solidify learnings

Full Day Workshop

6-hour workshop mix of learnings and experiential activities to solidify learnings

At Sonic Coaching we don’t believe in a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to training. We customize our workshops to help you address your company’s needs.

Not sure what you need? – we will start with a complimentary discovery call to help you identify a theme that will allow your employees to leave feeling energized and ready to take action!

“It was nothing like I thought it would be. I really enjoyed this session. It gave me a lot of lightbulb moments and insight. Thank you!”
– CanAlta Hotels

“Great energy, positive and uplifting!”
– Sebastien, CanAlta Hotels

“Oliver gave a great presentation on how to set and achieve goals, his tactics to overcome obstacles have helped me to better meet my goals. I would recommend his approach to anyone looking to improve their goal setting abilities.”
– Rob, ATB Entrepreneur Centre

“Really engaging presentation. Made me feel that I can set goals and find the time to accomplish them”
– Natalie, CanAlta Hotels

Here are some examples of workshops we have facilitated in the past:

Generations at Work

The youngest two generations in the workforce require more of their employers than past generations. Understanding what is important to each generation and why the future of work is not just pay based will help you become the Employer of Choice in your industry!

Creating a Culture of Appreciation

Feeling appreciated and valued at work has emerged as one of the top leading factors in job satisfaction. A work environment that leaves their employees feeling acknowledged and validated is proven to boost morale, engagement, and overall satisfaction!

Managing Change

Understanding the different responses you will encounter is vital for successful change management. We address how to lead with communication, empathy, and kindness to alleviate resistance and foster a more positive response to change.

Time Mastery

Attaining time mastery, cultivating mental toughness and eliminating ego-driven behaviors are essential for success. Learn how to align tasks and responsibilities with strengths to enhance performance, job satisfaction and overall effectiveness!

Leadership Mastery

Good leaders distinguish themselves by exemplifying 5 core values. We will discuss these values and help leaders understand the importance of dealing with the real things that are holding you back and how to not let your Ego take you out.

Recruiting and Retention

Recruiting is not hiring. What is the difference and how does your recruiting strategy tie into retention? These are the first crucial steps in creating a supportive, inspiring, and empowering environment for employees!

Contact us to start planning your workshop!

In addition to workshops, we are trained in facilitation.

Let us focus on keeping the meeting on time and on topic, so that you and your team can sink into accomplishing what you came to do!

“Oliver’s skill is to find the pulse of the retreat he is facilitating, work with them at a visceral level to find their strengths and allow them to discover how to enhance their relationships.”
– Christine McIver, Kids Cancer Care

We can assist in facilitating:

  • Leadership (Director & C-Suite) meetings
  • Strategy Planning sessions
  • Peer-to-Peer group meetings
  • Mastermind group meetings
  • Company Retreats

Sonic Coaching also offers a full range of business services, including employee assessments, executive recruiting and hiring and exit interviews. Click here to learn more.

Contact us to learn more about our facilitation services!