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The Client | Misura Berteit Accountants

Prior to working with Sonic Coaching, Nicole Misura-Leitch had worked with several other business coaches and terminated her relationships with each of them for lack of results.  When we started working with Misura Professional Corp., Nicole, the founder, and her partner had just acquired another small accounting firm.  The systems and processes for both firms were quite different and therefore the staff also had challenges working together to produce quality work for clients.  In addition, the acquisition had put tremendous financial pressure on the firm’s cash flow and profitability.

Nicole was spending an inordinate amount of time reviewing work and ensuring quality.  During tax season, it was normal for her to pull “all-nighters”, and not even have time to go home.

We also reviewed the financial statements and looked at areas for savings opportunities. We identified that the new accounting firm did not have a budget in place to serve as the roadmap for the coming year.

The Solutions|Culture, Budget, Team = Growth

As soon as we started to work with Misura, we helped them develop job descriptions for each position, which would set a common standard for the team and lay out expectations.  As a result, over a period of time, several employees “opted out” of the new culture that was being developed in the firm, providing an opportunity to hire new people that were aligned with the company’s values of Respect, Enthusiasm, Balance, Integrity, and Knowledge (which we helped them identify).

Once we had been working with Misura Professional Corp. for a period of time, we also coached them to build an annual budget, which would serve as the financial and operational guide for the firm.  We used several assessments, including the DiSC Behavioural Assessment to help improve inter-office communication and assist the team to better connect with their clients.  We guided the team through an all-day “team building and development” workshop based on the principles of the Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace©.  This pulled the team much closer together and permanently shifted office communication and corporate culture in a positive direction.

After four years of working with Sonic Coaching, Misura had a 125% increase in profitability (it should be noted that we actually took out the first year in the ROI calculation; if left in, the ROI would have shown as a 19,000% increase).  The firm has also added a partner and hired a manager, as well as doubling their staff.  With Sonic Coaching’s guidance, they are also looking at continuing to quickly grow the firm through several methods, including aggressive marketing, acquisitions and possible mergers.

From the Client| Nicole Misura

“I purchased a second accounting firm. Almost immediately I watched my team start to fall apart as they met the employees from the new firm. I watched my expenses climb and I watched my client list that I had just purchased shrink! felt like I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I was too close to my own business to be able to help it. I had worked with business and life coaches in the past and they didn’t produce any differences within my Company. But I heard Oliver speak for thirty seconds and I placed the call. I’m still working with him and consider him a valuable player on my team.”

Over that time, my staff has lost the employees that didn’t want to be there and gained the team players that are needed to move my business forward. I have lost a few clients that didn’t correspond to my Company’s’ goals and gained many more clients that are wonderful to have. I’ve personally developed my skill, and most importantly, my Company’s profit has grown.

Oliver Baezner is professional, respectful, friendly and truthful. I don’t hesitate to give his business card to any of my clients that I feel could benefit from a business coach.  I highly recommend working with him if you feel that your business needs clarity, growth in profitability or a professional to give extra assistance.

Thank-you Oliver for bringing my Company and I to this point. I look forward to what the next year (and more) will bring!” ~ Nicole Misura, Partner, Misura Berteit & Associates